Future Education Center keeps teachers supplied

Published 9:51 pm Saturday, April 16, 2011

Future Education Center offers teachers the equipment they need tokeeptheri classrooms running effectively. Owner Galina Clarke said the store also offers tutoring stations to help students Kindergarten through college. -- Chris Wasson

For five years, the Future Education Center has provided lessons for students and supplies for teachers.

The store, located at 440 Broad Street next to Trailway Bus station, offers products for teachers of all grade levels and can offer anything a school could want according to business manager Galina Clarke.

“We can get just about anything,” Clarke said. “We don’t carry everything we can get in the store, but we can get things like furniture and even playground equipment if that’s what they want.”

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Clarke said the store, which now holds mostly teachers supplies, is thinking about making the switch to student products.

“We have been having a little bit of trouble since pro-ration has begun,” Clarke said.

“We have tired office supplies, but there hasn’t been much support for that, so we are beginning to look in a different direction than before.”

With proration hitting hard, the Clarkes hoped the community support would begin to show from teacher, but so far that hasn’t happened according to Clarke.

“There’s not too much support for some of the small business that are here,” Clarke said. “People don’t realize that a small business only helps. When a small business has to leave, the money goes with it.”

What keeps the supply store going during the pro-ration time is the tutoring center located directly above the store.

The center has 17 computer stations, and the tutors work with students from Kindergarten through college.

“We help with whatever is needed,” Clarkes, who is a teacher, said. “Trigonometry, calculus, English, reading, we try to do whatever is necessary to help.”