Students shine at science fair

Published 11:33 pm Thursday, April 14, 2011

A pine cone along with a $1 bill gets doused with chemicals, creating a colorful flame at Selma High School’s science fair Thursday. More than 15 students participated in the fair with personal displays and homemade projects. First, second and third place prizes were awarded in each grade. -- Desiree Taylor

More than 60 Selma High students got a chance to melt sugar cubes, create homemade ice cream and construct their own mini explosion at Thursday’s science fair held in Selma High’s Library.

Chimeria Cleveland, science department chair, said Thursday’s event was a day to showcase students’ hard work and be rewarded for it.

“This is a way students can gain exposure,” Cleveland said. “Also they can use what they’ve learned in the classroom, such as the scientific method, and apply it to everyday life. It’s ongoing instruction.”

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Students, from freshmen to seniors, set up creative displays of what they’d worked on. First, second and third place winners were presented with plaques and certificates from the science department.

Senior Titianna Calhoun, whose group placed third at the competition, demonstrated how to create a self-contained colorful fire. Calhoun’s team also set a $1 bill ablaze without burning it.

“We’ve worked on this project for about a week now,” Calhoun said. “We wanted to do something that caught people’s attention; it’s like a fireworks show.”

Tonya Hardy, 10th grade science teacher, said the fair was very important.

“It brings out the real abilities of our students,” Hardy said. “These projects can help students see what they use every day as a learning tool.”

For Demanda Smith, 11th grader, this is her very first science fair. Smith’s group set miniature cubes of sugar on fire without them burning for their project. She was excited to see who brought home the gold.

The following were winners from the ninth grade: first place- Edward Jackson, second place- Lea Haywood, third place-Charquaveia Craig.

Sophomore winners: First place-Sherman Posey, second place- Deijeh Reeves, third place-Ashley Wilson.

Winners from the 11th grade were Kenyetta Hyatt, Jasmine Harris, Kayce Brock, Kody Daffin, Camera Moore, Brittany McDonald; Second place – Tanesha Blythe, Jamiel Purdie, Tonia Neely, Shantisha Trone; third place – Titianna Calhoun, Garrow Page and Anton Summers

Senior winners: First place – Naomi Martin, Laquanda Lee, Jessicca Mack, Andre Whitt, Jamal Evans; Second place-Jahvon McDaniel; third place-Lakeisha Jones, Markayla Hopkins, Tracey Marshall, Kianche Harris and Corey Lewis.

Cleveland, Hardy and other members of the science department Sharonoa Moss, Kevin Kukla and Keisha Glass, also helped with Thursday’s presentations.