Ward 3 candidates should attend meetings

Published 10:45 pm Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Ward 3 city council candidates, there is a very simple question we have for you this beautiful spring morning. Where were you last night during the city’s regular scheduled council meeting?

Out of the eight qualified candidates, only three took the time to come and observe what proved to be a raucous council meeting. So again, where were you last night?

With an election now officially one day short of six weeks away, we would have thought each of the eight candidates vying for the open Ward 3 position would have taken the time to come and observe the very governmental body they are jockeying to join.

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Those who did attend, for one reason or another, had the time to join the meeting with only one staying through the end. But at least the others showed up.

Now, to give some credit, we have had some of the other qualified candidates at previous meetings, but when it comes to city council meetings we expect our elected members to be at each one and, we expect the same of those who want the job.

Right now we don’t even have council members who attend every meeting. Heck, we have some who don’t even come in on time or stay until the end. What we’re hoping is for a candidate — or candidates — to show the work ethic needed to do the job. To show the commitment to being there for each meeting, for each work session and each called committee meeting.

We have no doubts those who have qualified have the best intentions for Ward 3 on their mind as reasons for running for the seat. But as of right now, we have our doubts about the commitment some are willing to make to give of themselves to this job.