Council members must be visible

Published 8:27 pm Monday, April 11, 2011

While we are happy to commend Selma’s mayor, some council members and city employees for Thursday’s open house event, we are disappointed in the attendance by a particular group — a group who should have made themselves available to the public more than any other.

While there may have been good excuses, pre-planned trips and other reasons that prevented some from attending, only three of the seven current Selma City Council members were in attendance at an event that was promoted as proving city residents full access to city government.

We understand Dr. Cecil Williamson is still recovering from a medical procedure in Auburn, but where was everyone else? Was it not that important?

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The truth is, there are very few times a true consensus on the city’s direction is reached by the members of the council.

There are deep differences of opinion, political aspirations and agendas at play and when that is the case, coming to an agreement on key projects and issues is difficult.

But, then again, this difference in opinion is what makes the political and democratic process such a success.

With that said, when an event is held to showcase the city, its equipment and the services that are each day helping and serving the citizens of Selma it would be nice to have had more of the city’s council members in attendance.

Such is the case with the council meetings. It would be nice to have everyone in attendance tonight, but we will have to wait and see who finds the meetings important enough to show up.