Alabama Power calls on Carter

Published 10:56 pm Thursday, March 31, 2011

When you look around Selma, Alabama Power seems to be all over.

When former Selma business office manager Alisa Summerville moved on to a different job within Alabama Power, Aubrey Carter was called in to replace her.

Now Carter, who has worked in Dallas County before with Alabama Power, will look to pick up where Summerville left off.

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“My expectations for coming in is to continue the outstanding relationships with customers and foster more as we move forward,” Carter said. “The job has lived up to my expectations so far. I’ve really been getting reacquainted with the area since I have been here.”

Carter, 38, was born and raised in Birmingham but comes to Selma from his role as assistant business office manager in Alabama Power’s Montgomery office.

“I started as marketing manager in the Black Belt area, so I’m familiar with the area,” Carter said. “One of the best things about Alabama Power is the uniqueness of its relationship with the community. In Selma there is such a good chance to make a difference. I’m just excited to work with the folks in the community.”

Carter has been commuting from his work in Montgomery where his wife, Dawn, and two sons, Matthew and Jamal work and go to school.

“It’s a bit difficult making this kind of transition in the middle of the school year,” Carter said. “But you do what is best. Once the school year is over we will be able to get more settled.”

For now, though, Carter just expects to find his footing once more.