Pollen is putting down roots

Published 7:43 pm Saturday, March 26, 2011

It’s official: I’ve been pollinated. I should be the father of two small pine trees and one small oak tree in just a few months.

Based on the amount of pollen I’ve inhaled during the past few weeks and the amount of sniffling and sneezing that I’ve reported, my doctors predict that the small trees — or rather saplings — should be very healthy upon their birth.

Me and the saplings’ other parent — the trees in my front yard — are excited about the news and will do our best to raise them to be strong, vibrant trees in the community, offering their shade for all who need it.

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The next hurdle will be our first sonogram, set for mid-May. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a healthy loblolly pine and strong live oak.

I am no amateur when it comes to seasonal allergies. I have battled pollen for most of my life, and up until the past few years, have waged a strong battle against the sniffling, the sneezing, the coughing, the watery eyes, etc.

I am not sure if it is simply getting older, but my allergies have taken on a life of their own recently, dictating just about every action on my day.

Where are my tissues? Where are my eye drops? Did I take my allergy medicine?

Last year, when living in Suffolk, Va., I had a reporter get worried about my allergy battling, asking if I was OK. My response to her was, “Yes, I just have hay fever.” In an innocent tone and with all honesty, she looked at me and asked, “is it contagious?”

In spite of my current suffering, I have come to grips with the reality that I will always battle these allergies to one degree or another. It’s just a way of life.

It’s a shame though, I look forward to spring each and every year. And even if it does come with a yellowish tint, it’s nice to be back to this time of year.

And, I’ll let you all know how the trees come along. We’re hoping for an easy pregnancy.