YMCA has time and equipment to get fit

Published 11:16 pm Wednesday, March 23, 2011

James Towner Glover Jr. walks on a treadmill in the fitness room of the Selma-Dallas County YMCA. Glover said the facilities at the YMCA have helped him maintain a healthy lifestyle and allowed him to socialize with his former students from Dallas County High School. -- Rick Couch

Many people are aware of the many sports and recreational activities offered by the Selma-Dallas County YMCA. However, few know about other programs designed to help people of all ages live healthier lifestyles.

On most days, from 5 a.m. to around 8 p.m., a number of classes and exercise opportunities are offered.

Bill Porter, CEO of the YMCA, said people are often surprised by the programs offered to make working out easier, especially those with children.

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“We have a children watch program at certain times during the day, so if parents want to come and workout there is someone here who can watch their kids,” he said. “They will look after them the entire time.”

One of the advantages of working out at the YMCA, fitness program director Kasey Burton said, is the wide variety of equipment.

“There is very little wait time here,” she said. “We have a lot of machines and we keep them serviced very well so they are in good working condition. It’s not very often we have a piece of equipment that is broken or out of order.”

The fitness room’s equipment includes treadmills, elliptical machines, stair masters, recumbent bikes and a large variety of free weights.

The room, Burton said, also has Cybex no load equipment, which is free-weights geared more for women.

One of the fitness room’s frequent visitors, James Towner Glover Jr., said the YMCA offers a great facility for him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This, he said, has become even more important since he learned he had heart blockages.

“A few years ago I went to the doctor and I learned I had five blockages,” he said. “It’s important for me to get a lot of exercise. They have great equipment here and I always like coming. I also see some of my old students from Dallas County High School and that keeps me feeling young.”

Another advantage of the YMCA, Burton said, is the ability for parents and children to work out together. Children who are 10 and older, and have passed the fitness test, are welcome to exercise with their parents.

At the YMCA, family isn’t just a term limited to those related by blood, Burton said.

“Everybody helps everybody out,” she said. “We’re all like family. You don’t usually have to wait to get a set in because everyone is willing to help you out.”

Members also have the opportunity to join classes. Among some of the classes offered this spring are step and sculpt, body blast, yoga, zumba, step, cardio kickboxing and cycling.

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