Times Square Church plans Selma event

Published 9:11 am Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Times Square in known for its bright lights, massive crowds, Broadway plays and the dropping-of-the-ball ceremony on New Year’s Eve but on April 10, it will be known for something else: bringing people together.

Right here in Selma, pastors and churches from all denominations will celebrate Jesus with New York City’s Times Square Church. The church represents 104 different nationalities and was founded in the late 1950s to minister to gang members, prostitutes and drug addicts. It has done international mission work in such countries as South Africa and Argentina.

Carter Conlon, senior pastor of Times Square Church, said he has a burden on his heart from God to come to Alabama.

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“I want God’s transformation for the community,” Conlon said. “It’s a time to build.”

Shelby High, public relations for the event, said the church requested to come to the area.

“They wanted to come,” High said. “They refuse to accept an offering or get paid, they just want a place to speak. We want pastors from everywhere to encourage their congregations to come to this ‘community church service.’ It’s just an incredible move of the Lord; this is God’s doing.”

Local pastors and church leaders will meet Thursday, March 17 from 7 a.m. until 8 a.m. for breakfast and for lunch at noon to ask questions and find out what the April event is all about.

“We want the community to get involved and ‘support the vision,’” said Bishop Chuck Jones, who helped to organize the event. Jones is the bishop of diocese of Central Gulf Coast and archbishop of Southeastern Province Episcopalian Church CEC.

“We want to bring unification to Selma,” Jones said. “We hope everyone will become excited.”

“It’s a unique way to bring fellowship and communication,” High said. “It’s also an opportunity for leaders to enter into unity and be on one accord.”

Coley Chestnutt, pastor of Fresh Anointing House of Worship, said the exchange between pastors of the Black Belt and Times Square Church is an answered prayer.

“We want to minister to the community and share our hearts with them because they’ve had great success spiritually,” Chestnutt said. “They want to come and encourage us and minister to the needs of the community.”

The breakfast for pastors only, will take place at Grace Fellowship and the lunch will take place from noon until 1 p.m. in the Warren Room of First Presbyterian Church.  The main event, the evening service with Times Square Church will be held April 10 from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. at the Old National Guard Armory. Both events are free of charge.

For more information call 872-6646.