Goals are in sight for the determined

Published 9:05 pm Friday, January 28, 2011


That’s what it takes to succeed in life. Without determination, one becomes weary, distracted and overwhelmed by worries and life’s troubles.

When I was 18, fresh out of Selma High School, I expected to go to my dream school, Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Fla., or somewhere in California on a full- ride scholarship. It didn’t happen, and after attending three universities, naysayers politely told me to give up or change my game plans.

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When I think of determination I am reminded of the story of Joseph found in Gen. 41. He was the 11th son of Jacob and Rachel and the most beloved of his siblings.

Remember when Joseph had many dreams about one day ruling over his brothers?

Remember how they became jealous, stole his coat of many colors and sold him into slavery after lying to their father, saying he was dead?

Isn’t it interesting how some people treat you once they’ve caught a glimpse of your destiny?

Those who were once your friends, claiming to be with you through thick and thin, suddenly disappear when they can’t see their destinies come into fruition while yours rides on the horizon.

Jacob was thrown into a pit and deciphered others’ dreams. His prophetic gift brought him before great men such as the pharaoh of Egypt, who by the way, later threw him in jail for allegedly sleeping with his wife.

Joseph was imprisoned for two years and aside from the physical bondage he suffered, he was spiritually wounded, doubting and questioning everything he had dreamed or envisioned for himself.

He may have asked the age-old question “Why me?” or even “How long?”

Despite the circumstances around him, Joseph remained faithful to his gift and to his dreams. He was determined.

Although things looked foggy and the doubters seemed right, Joseph could see the light and the end of the tunnel; he visualized the prize right in his fingertips and soon he became second in charge to Pharaoh.

Joseph’s story encourages us to hang on to our dreams no matter what.

When others doubt our capabilities or when circumstances hinder our progress temporarily, we have to remain determined.

After you’ve experienced the fire or been through the rain, listen to the little voice inside that says, “You can make it.” I did.