Mendedo moving college forward

Published 10:15 pm Friday, January 14, 2011

Congratulations are in order for the Rev. Tilahun Mendedo and his first year at Concordia College Selma.

Since his arrival on campus, Mendedo has worked to ensure the college has its accreditation.

Now, Mendedo is taking off to recruit good students to come and stay four years to earn a quality education.

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While recruiting and bringing accreditation back up to standards are necessary, there is another component also needed for Concordia’s ultimate success.

The city needs to come together to help the college grow. Already it uses, by agreement, the stadium for its home football games.

The soccer team is recognized for winning the national title in 2009 in its division.

But you don’t see people from Selma lined up at the football or soccer games. Maybe they don’t have time.

Maybe the school doesn’t communicate well with the city.

Once, perhaps more people began to attend sporting and cultural events off campus, then maybe the changes will come to turn the tables for Selma.

Until then, let us in the community hear what Mendedo said this week about helping to build a greater Selma with Concordia.

He said: “You can help us recruit students so we can have a bigger impact on the community and expand our educational offerings. You can help us enlist the support of the businesses, churches and public institutions to help us secure the future of this institution.”