Santa: Bring us some laughter

Published 9:00 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa Claus,

Thanks for all the Christmases past when you delivered every reasonable request of childhood — books, games, typewriters (we didn’t have the laptops or desktops in those days).

This year, the wishes are simple. I’m satisfied with all the personal belongings I have.

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A few more books and that yearly subscription to The New Yorker wouldn’t hurt, but the kids know that and they know the grandma bragging calendar request, so that’s in the works.

I’d like to use this time and space to make some Christmas wishes for others, just in case they’re too busy hustling around finishing their Christmas shopping lists.

At the top of the list, if you could, spread some good cheer among the many friends of ours who work in public safety. Those folks include police, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, professional and volunteer.

These men and women work hard days and long nights. They see the worst of us and still maintain a sense of reality — that’s difficult even with the best of jobs.

And, spread some of your magic around to keep them safe, not just on holidays but all the time.

Selma’s a great place to live, Santa. We have good folks doing good deeds and working hard to make the city an attractive place in which to live. Sometimes, though, some folks slip on the banana peel of conflict and can’t seem to shake the pain. Some of that jolly you have sure would help them.

Then, perhaps they can see past their own negative and reach out to build a stronger community out of agape rather than personal gain.

Oh, and there’s one more special wish: When you pass over Selma on Christmas Eve, don’t forget to dose us with a heavy serving of laughter. When we laugh, life becomes lighter and those intense moments of anxiety wash away a little.

It’s like being focused on each moment as we have it.

Cookies and milk are in the usual hiding place.