Healthy bodies build healthy minds

Published 8:59 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quality of life is a key component to building community. When residents are happy, they remain in a city.

When industries or businesses search for a location, those conducting the research look for enhancements in a city or town to make their workers want to remain.

Apparently, the mayor and town council in Valley Grande are aware of the needs of their people and for growth of this bedroom community in the future.

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Initially, the council and mayor scoped out and saw construction of baseball fields in Valley Grande.

Healthy bodies build healthy minds, they reasoned. Too many youths spend too much time in front of televisions and video games. Community leaders like Richard Davis and Willard Pole, Steven Neighbors and Pastor Larry Stover have approached the city with organized ball leagues and other athletic programs that will make good use of the newly constructed ball fields this spring.

But the people of Valley Grande are looking ahead. They don’t want the new ballparks used for a season out of the year and remain fallow the remainder. As Mayor Tom Lee says, they want more.

Bringing community together to figure out these issues is a good idea. The council and mayor should be commended for opening up town hall to new ideas.

And, as ball leagues are chartered and new athletic programs designed, the quality of life in Valley Grande will become better for present residents and those who settle in the future.