Jobs, crimes should be the focus

Published 11:02 pm Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day after a meeting was called to discuss the so-called “saggy pants” ordinance in Selma, a scheduling conflict forced the meeting to be cancelled. So, yet again, a discussion that regrettably has gone on for years, will, without a doubt, continue for a few weeks longer.

This proposed ordinance, much like every other governmental attempt to legislate morality at every level, is misplaced and should be left right where it is: proposed and never acted on.

The city of Selma has far too many other issues to resolve before the imagined epidemic of low-riding pants should be confronted. And, when that day comes — the day when every other community ill is cured — we will celebrate and happily join in on legislating just how a person should and should not wear pants.

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If this wardrobe selection is a clear indication of possible gang activity in the city, then why not start with arresting gang members for the crimes that are already on the books, rather than hunting down new ordinances and codes to occupy our police officers’ time.

And, we ask, is this truly a problem? Were the two juveniles who fired shots into Payne Elementary wearing their pants too low? What about the individual who robbed Cahaba Furniture in broad daylight? Did his pants fall below an acceptable level?

Before we spend too much time — rather before we waste too much time — on an issue as silly as how a person wears his or her pants, let’s focus on the big picture. Let’s focus on creating jobs, reducing crime, educating our children and building a thriving community.