Thanks to you, Big Fish

Published 11:42 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

Big Fish is a local legend.

For nearly 16 years, the Doctorfish has swum around in an aquarium in the children’s section of the library, bringing smiles, questions and conversation from all age groups.

Selma-Dallas County Public Library Director Becky Nichols says it’s time for Big Fish to move from center stage to a retirement aquarium off property, where the fish will receive good care.

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And Big Fish will have a good place to swim, thanks to the participation of BankTrust, which will provide a new tank.

BankTrust also will help with purchase of a new baby Big Fish, so the attraction continues.

The departure of Big Fish in a couple of weeks is bittersweet. There are the memories parents and grandparents have of watching the younger ones tap on the glass or make fish faces at the tank to get Big Fish’s attention. There are the memories of library workers who have seen Big Fish grow and mature.

There is still time to go by the library and bid farewell to Big Fish, give the Doctorfish a nod for all these years of providing some entertainment to the residents of Selma and to those tourists who have ventured through our public library. And, while you are at the public library, thank the people there who care enough to seek out the donations to take care of Big Fish’s retirement and provide another fish to bring smiles to the faces of another generation of library patrons.