Selma Council needs a plan to fill Ward 3

Published 11:33 pm Thursday, November 11, 2010

The philosopher Baruch Spinoza once said “nature abhors a vacuum.” And since we are an integral part of nature, we cannot stand for a vacuum in any capacity other than that cleaning our home.

The fact is, in mere weeks, a vacuum or void will once again be found on the Selma City Council when Ward 3 representative Dr. Monica Newton vacates her seat. She is vacating the remainder of her term, opening a debate once again of just how to fill such an opening.

It seems like just yesterday the Times-Journal in this space called on city leaders to schedule a special election to fill the open Ward 1 post. They did and the voters of Ward 1 exercised their constitutional right of selecting their elected representative.

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Even though Newton made her announcement roughly a month ago, little has been discussed publicly on how to handle finding her replacement. Will there be another special election or will the council members appoint someone to fill out the remainder of the term.

We know and understand the state laws that mandate such a decision; those laws that dictate that the seat must be officially vacated before such a decision could be reached.

But, Dr. Newton has given no indication she plans to reconsider her pending move and decision to leave the council, so why must the council not go ahead and have a discussion to let those who live in Ward 3 at least feel like city leaders care about their needs.

The council should have a discussion and come up with a plan before Newton leaves. Nature abhors a vacuum and constituents abhor the lack of thoughtfulness from their elected leaders.