Shopping locally drives economy

Published 1:51 am Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just seven weeks remain in the Christmas shopping season. That’s all, a mere 40-plus days to compile and then complete your shopping list.

But, while there may be items such as ties, televisions, DVDs and socks, the number one item on the list should be: Shop locally.

It is important this time of year — as it is throughout the year — to make the local retailers, shops, boutiques and major outlet stores your first stop on your shopping exhibition.

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We completely understand the allure of major shopping centers that provide a “shopping destination.” We understand the thought that the best deals must be a few hours away and we understand the excitement of heading out of town with your friends to tackle the shopping list.

But, the last time we checked those retailers who are hours a way do not pay sales tax into Selma or Dallas County.

Those men and women who work at those shopping outlets are not your neighbors or attend church with you each Sunday morning.

This editorial is not designed to serve as a guilt trip to shop locally, but simply a reminder that the best way residents can help improve the local economy is by shopping locally and spending your dollars at home.

We are confident local retailers have everything you will need for those on your shopping list and, if not, then simply starting your search at home will show local retailers the items they might want to stock in the future.

For many retailers, the Christmas shopping season is vital to their overall success. The very least we can do to help them out —and as a result our local economy — is begin our Christmas gift hunt in their stores.