Grandmother might not be right on this

Published 2:37 am Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, we hope you like it. And, as my grandmother told me when she fixed dinner, “if you don’t like, don’t say a word.”

She had such a way with words.

Today marks the first edition of The Selma Times-Journal’s new design.

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From the first page to the last page, and everying in between, we have strived to make sure each element and each item you read in this edition is well-planned, well-excuted and provides you with an enjoyable reading experience.

For the past few weeks, we have talked, reviewed, tested, talked again and then reviewed once more each of the ideas displayed in this design.

We spent days over the size lettering in the flag — or title. We took time to run a full mocked up paper just to make sure everything looked OK before the first “real” edition hit the streets.

And, over the past few evenings, we have second-guessed ourselves on each of the ideas we once thought so genius, only to come back around and like them once again.

So, enjoy the newspaper and forget what my grandmother told me, if you don’t like … let us know.