Hard work is part of the deal

Published 11:31 pm Monday, October 11, 2010

Too often we go looking for no-fault deals. We desire to know the ins and outs, the crooks and crevices, and what’s behind the curtain. If we are unable to reconcile the unknown with the known, we hesitate to make and to seal the deal. As a youngster, I loved to watch re-runs of the syndicated game show, Let’s Make A Deal. In each episode there were deals made between the host and members of the audience who became instant contestants. At a whim, the host would choose a member of the audience based on his or her costume. Although we may not wear costumes on a daily basis, we all encounter opportunities of which we can make a deal.

As our host, our lives are always looking to make deals with us. The first deal that is put on the table is success in exchange for hard work. Life offers us success if we are willing to put in the necessary labor, sweat, and tears. If we believe that we can become successful without hard work, we are fooling ourselves. No one just stumbles upon success but achievers earn everything they obtain. Hard work tends to make you appreciate success. Once you have experienced success, you will always find a way to remain successful. While going through the process of becoming successful, there are certain skills gained that you will never lose. If life chooses to drop you from a helicopter into unfamiliar territory you will not only survive there but eventually you will bloom.

At the end of Let’s Make A Deal, previous winners would eagerly anticipate the Big Deal of the Day. From the biggest to the smallest winner, all would have the opportunity to trade their winnings in for what was behind doors No. 1, No. 2, or No. 3 in hopes of obtaining the Big Deal. At that moment, the contestants would take a risk of receiving even less than what they had originally won. At some point in their pursuit of success they made up in their minds that in order to get more out of life, they must take some risks. Many of us fear taking risks that are necessary for success because we fear failure. But, have you ever thought that maybe risk taking just might lead to your success? Every morning that we arise, we have an opportunity to trade in yesterday’s triumph for today’s even greater success.

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Darrio Melton is the state representative-elect for Dallas County.