Arrests from 7 a.m. on Sept. 14 to 7 a.m. on Sept. 15

Published 12:16 am Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ned Green, 48, 91 County Road 470, Selma, Ala., probation violation, no bond, in jail

Johnson Evans, 62, 1413 Pollard Street, Selma, Ala., unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, bond $30,000, made bond

Andre Peterson, 25, 117 Lavender Street, Selma, Ala., no proof of insurance/ no seat belt/ no tag/ drivers licenses suspended, bond $949, in jail

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Carnell Solomon, 25, 1414 Eugene Street, Selma, Ala., theft of property in the third degree, bond $2,000, in jail

Mickey Lewis, 34, 140 County Road 343, Orrville, Ala., receiving stolen property in the second degree, bond $10,000, made bond

Kandance Carter, 27, 3287 Moores Ferry Road, Selma, Ala., contempt of court, no bond, in jail

Timothy Moppins, 27, 210 Wrenwood Avenue, Selma, Ala., disorderly conduct, bond $500, in jail

Willie Collins, 49, 3448 Highway 80 East, Selma, Ala., public intoxication, bond $500, in jail

Steve Lawrence, 39, 455 County Road 914, Marion Junction, Ala., (FTA) violation of drivers license restriction, bond $1,000, made bond

Tommy Lenoir, 32, 135 Evergreen Circle, Selma, Ala., domestic violence harassment, bond $500, made bond

Raymond Mason, 25, 41-B Barrett Road, Selma, Ala., noise ordinance, $500 cash only, made bond

Robert Jackson, 51, 911-A Shepard Drive, Selma, Ala., driving under the influence, bond $1,000, in jail