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Arrests from 7 a.m. on Aug. 10 to 7 a.m. on Aug. 11

Eric Hall, 27,[map] 651 County Road 469, Selma, Ala.,[/map] returned from Wilcox County, no bond, in jail

Lederrian Jones, 18,[map] 2901 Perham Ave., Selma, Ala.,[/map] disorderly conduct, bond $500, in jail

Johntrell Phillips, 26,[map] 623 Park Ave., Selma, Ala.,[/map] bond $380 cash only, in jail

Sharnecia Maull, 23,[map] 2617 County Road 44, Selma, Ala.,[/map] domestic violence assault in the third degree, bond $500, in jail

Demetrius Jones, 28,[map] 380 Mills St., Orrville, Ala.,[/map] unlawful possession drug paraphernalia, bond $500, made bond

George Young, 46,[map] Route 3 Box 74 H, Marion, Ala.,[/map] unlawful possession of marijuana in the first degree, bond $10,000, made bond

David Green, 30,[map] 308 G.W.C. Homes, Selma, Ala.,[/map] receiving stolen property in the second degree/probation violation, no bond, in jail

Sada Crawford, 22,[map] 1622 L.L. Anderson Ave., Selma, Ala.,[/map] disorderly conduct/failure to obey/resisting arrest, bond $1,000×2, $1,500, made bond