What to bring to Selma City Schools registration

Published 1:38 am Thursday, August 5, 2010

Registration for Selma City Schools begins today. Parents or guardians must be present at the designated school and must bring all required items. Children are encouraged, but not required, to be present.

Required items are a valid I.D. for the parent or guardian, official birth certificate for the student, valid social card for the student, current immunization and completed Health Assessment Record Form for the student and two proofs of residence for parent or guardian.

Students transferring from another school within the system must also present a transfer form and students transferring from another system must provide the transfer form and a recent report card.

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Forms may be downloaded from the system’s website and will be provided at registration.

To download forms or for more information, visit http://selmacity.schoolinsites.com. Click “Departments” and then “Attendance” for information and “Documents” for forms.