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Congratulations to Selmont for cleaning up

For the last couple of Saturdays, a handful of volunteers, including Dallas County Commissioner Connel Towns, have gained some sweat equity in Selmont.

Armed with trash bags and determination to see a community surface from the trash, these volunteers have spent the better part of two Saturdays picking up litter and garbage just across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Towns has told The Selma Times-Journal others are catching on and beginning to repair dilapidated housing in the area.

Now, if some of the commercial business owners along the stretch of U.S. 80 leading to Montgomery would fix up and clean up their establishments, Selmont might not carry such a rowdy reputation. After all, presentation is three-fifths of a total experience.

Towns said the group of volunteers will take a weekend off, then move into East Selma, another portion of his district.

Recently, a majority of Selma City Council members have joined together to help clean up the Brown YMCA and the PAL Center.

Council members would really set a good example by joining forces with Towns and scheduling a clean-up day in East Selma. The more hands, the less arduous seems the work.

Thanks to Towns and his volunteers for setting the standard. Now, on the other side of the bridge, it’s time for Selma to take on its litter problem.