Recycle the cans and help the Brown YMCA

Published 8:38 pm Saturday, July 24, 2010

Keep ‘em coming, Selma. We are now one month into our aluminum cans collection to benefit the Claude C. Brown YMCA.

The participation from the first week of the drive has faded, and we have to bring it back. I need the help of everyone.

I have only made two trips to the recycling center. We made $11.40 from the first trip, but only $6.95 from my second trip. I am thrilled to have made $18.35 for the YMCA from something as simple as collecting cans, but I am not satisfied with our results.

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You set the bar high, Selma. I was amazed at the participation in the first week and expected such enthusiasm the second week. We have to do well because there is no reason to not do well.

Please, please make an effort.

If recycling feels like a hassle, make it simpler for yourself. Place a plastic shopping bag in the same area as your trash can to make remembering to recycle easier.

I set a goal of $1,000 donation because the Brown YMCA needs our help now.

The building desperately needs renovations. To buy the supplies for new floor tiles or computers for the study room, the YMCA needs money.

This is where we come in the picture. We must raise the money to make this facility better. All I ask of you is to not throw away your aluminum cans. Save them and bring them to me.

I’ve heard complaints about the struggles of Selma and how the community needs to clean itself up. Everyone loves to talk about how someone should fix a problem, but few actually do something about it.

We are doing something about it, but I cannot do it alone. Help the community. Now.

If you would like to contribute to our collection drive, please bring bags or boxes filled with aluminum cans to the Times-Journal office, 1018 Water Ave. Ask that the cans be given to me, Laura Fenton.

It will also be greatly appreciated if beer cans are rinsed out first.

Thanks for the support of all who donated this week, and thank you in advance to anyone who will bring us additional donations.

Laura Fenton is the education and general assignment reporter for the Times-Journal. She can be reached at 410-1744 or