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The public library: an oasis

Many times we ignore good things right in front of our faces because we’re so used to having them. We don’t think they’re special.

Well, a few young people had some special words in today’s edition of The Selma Times-Journal for their public library.

Mind you, these were folks not too far from the first grade, and perhaps a little younger than kindergarten.

“It’s cool,” one said as he worked on an art piece.

Arts and crafts, the chance to milk a cow, handle snakes safely and meet some of the most interesting people Selma has to offer.

How many of us can say we’ve had an art lesson from the world-renown Charlie “Tin Man” Lucas? Well, that’s something for these children to tell their children years from now.

Our oasis here in the middle of Dallas County continues to offer these programs for children — and adults — because of its leadership. Becky Nichols works hard to find the money, the people and the occasions to offer her patrons more than they should ever expect.

Nichols isn’t alone. She has put together an excellent staff, who work with the public with efficiency and smiles.

So if you aren’t a regular, get over to the library.

It’s cool.