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John T. Morgan Academy takes top state honors

Morgan Academy students do it all, and they do it well.

Morgan received the state’s highest academic award, the 2009-2010 Alabama Independent School Association’s President’s Award, for the school’s exceptional educational programs in math, science, writing and the arts.

The school has claimed the President’s Award for 18 years.

“This is a reflection of our students and our faculty,” said Headmaster Randy Skipper. “No matter what you do in a school, it comes down to not the programs, but the people that are there. People make a difference in a school. The thing that shines the brightest is the people at Morgan Academy.”

The rankings of schools is decided by an extensive listing of academic, athletic, extracurricular activities, as well as student standardized testing scores, total scholarship amounts awarded to the graduating senior class and percentage of faculty with advanced degrees.

Morgan’s accolades are as numerous as its extracurricular activities. The class of 2010 received almost $1 million in scholarships; elementary, middle and high school students placed first the in the state technology fair; plus the school will add a SAT and ACT preparation class for 10th grade, just to name a few.

“Academics is stressed at a very early age, starting in kindergarten out here,” said Kitty Cosby, Morgan second grade teacher. “The teachers really care and put forth a lot of effort for academic achievement.”

Cosby also attributes Morgan’s success to a positive influence from parents.

“We have very educated parents and they instill these wonderful values in the children, and the teachers try to do that too,” Cosby said.

The high-quality academic program at Morgan draws students and parents to the school.

“The main reason I came to Morgan was because my parents heard this was such a great school,” said Taylor Copeland, rising senior at Morgan. “I chose Morgan because I thought it was a great school, too.”

Copeland also participates in football, baseball and plans to join the newly added Morgan soccer team.