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Searching for missing young girl

Once again this town is united in a single mission, but it’s a potential tragedy.

A young girl went missing Saturday morning after she told her mother she wanted to go to the flea market. She allegedly went with a friend, but that friend’s abandoned truck was found on the side of the Cecil Jackson Bypass.

Tarasha Benjamin, “Pooh” to family and friends, intended to enjoy her Saturday much like any other teenage girl in the U.S. She wanted to go peruse things at the flea market.

Her mother, Regina, says her daughter calls everyday and checks in. The mother and daughter are close, friends and family say.

They believe something has happened.

The community is praying for the best, but somehow that dark side creeps up and there’s a bit of terror in everyone, especially when it comes to a missing person, young or old.

The community has joined together to search for this 17-year-old, which is a good thing.

Perhaps the community can join together for a celebration once the young woman is discovered, alive and well.