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Final tour draws one person

Whether it was the summer heat, or threat of rain all but one person stayed away from Saturday’s walking tour.

The Selma Tourism Department hosted a mile-long walking tour of the downtown area for the last time.

The month-long tours have been going on as a part of the Year of Alabama’s “Small Towns and Downtowns” campaign.

“State tourism started this initiative,’ said Candace Johnson, Tourism Director for Selma and Dallas County. “I know we have been participating at least the last three years.”

The tour featured many former landmarks of the downtown area including the church area, historic homes and the St. James Hotel.

Beginning at 10 a.m. at the Selma Public Library, the tour looped around a one-mile through shade and sun to give a look at the downtown area.

Pictures of historic buildings that have gone with the past were given to tour takers to help visualize the tour.

“It shows you pictures of what we still could have,” said Johnson. “But it also gives you an appreciation for what we still do have. The did it to try to get people to realize the beauty that is in Alabama.”

The tour used volunteer guides each week. This week, Chamber of Commerce president Sheryl Smedley took over the guide duties.

“It’s a real view of Selma,” said Smedley. “(Candace) and I bounced a lot of ideas about the tour.”

Johnson said that attendance was low for each of the tours this month across the state.

“The tourism department has said that totals were low all over,” said Johnson. “It is probably the heat of June.”

Smedley said despite the weekly tour ending, tourist could pick up information at the chamber to take self-guided tours.