City looks for crime solution

Published 6:28 pm Saturday, June 12, 2010

With as much violence that is happening around Selma at the moment, one group is trying to encourage the citizens to stop it.

The Selma Elks Lodge, along with the Selma City Council, Mayor George Evans and the Selma Fire Department came together to urge the city to take action during the “Smoke-Out Violence” rally on the corner of Church Street and L.L. Anderson Avenue on Saturday.

“We need to realize that there is a problem,” said Mayor George Evans. “It’s good to have the community and Elk’s involved in trying to create some sort of awareness about the crime and violence in our city.”

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Ward 5 Representative Samuel Randolph, who helped create the rally, said it is important for the citizens take responsibility to stop the violence.

“Until people realize that they have to take back the street, we will still have crime,” said Randolph. “The Elk’s believe that it will take the whole city and not just the police department.”

The more than 100 people who attended listened to several singers, ate barbecue and learned how they could be safe and keep the city safe.

“Policing the city is everyone’s job,” said Randolph. “If we as citizens see something happening, we have to call it in.”

Evans said the city needs to establish more neighborhood watches.

“That is when things will change,” said Evans. “When we, as citizens, are not afraid to call it like we see it.”

Evans said people needed to start calling in to services like Crime Stoppers and the police secret witness line when they see a crime happen.

The number for Crime Stoppers is 877-3530, the number for the police secret witness line is 874-2190.