Dorms at MMI get makeover

Published 11:08 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MARION — Two of Marion Military Institute’s buildings, Wilkerson Hall and Murfee Hall, are getting makeovers.

“Some have been around since the early 1900s and they haven’t been renovated since the late 1970s, early 1980s.”

Calvert said that the work that is being done on the two male dorms would help the school and the community both.

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“This work can be used to improve the student base and that helps out the city,” said Calvert.

The $700,000 renovation project will include every bathroom of the two buildings.

Workers will also make both of the buildings handicap accessible with entrance ramps into the buildings.

“They are completely removing all of the plumbing, fixtures and the bathroom proper on each of the floors of the two buildings,” said Randy Lee, projects manager at MMI. “They are also taking out a cadet room to make more space.”

Lee said the renovations would allow for more privacy and space for the cadets who use facilities.

“Each of the bathrooms will now have private showers instead of community ones,” said Lee. “We will also have individuals stalls to allow for more privacy.”

Lee said renovations would make the bathrooms environmentally friendly.

“Each of the bathrooms will have energy conserving light fixtures,” said Lee. “And all of the plumbing will have water saving features that are all up to building standards. These bathrooms will have the latest and greatest materials”

Wilkerson Hall is a 100-bed dormitory with administrative space in the lower level for the Army ROTC. The entire building is 20,160 square feet.

Murfee Hall is a 98-bed building and houses the thrift store and barbershop.

Lee said that the expected completion date of the renovations would be August 7, 2010.