Selma crazy about it’s sharp-dressed men

Published 7:02 pm Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some people find that the best dressing tactic is to wear something that is clean, while other spend time crafting an outfit.

Early in the morning, I don’t like to use much brainpower to choose an outfit.

But, no matter the methods used to get to the end result, some always look chic and polished.

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Three of the best-dressed leaders in the Selma and Dallas County area are Selma City Schools Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan, Ward 8 Councilman Corey Bowie and Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard.

Obasohan describes his attire as European, mostly Italian.

“I love European suits,” Obasohan said. “The only American suits I like are Steve Harvey ones.”

He also likes Italian suits.

Obasohan said he owns three pairs of jeans, but in all the times I have seen him, I cannot remember ever seeing him wear jeans. I am skeptical of the existence of these jeans.

Bowie is the most organized of the top nominees.

He plans his entire week of outfits, both work-related and casual attire, on Sunday.

Each outfit is then placed in the closet, organized day by day, as well as a separation of causal choices versus work attire.

“I just like to make sure that the colors coordinate with one another,” Bowie said.

He purchases his outfits from JC Penny’s, Belk and On Time Fashions.

Ballard is also a fan of local clothing stores and professional attire, but doesn’t take credit for his outfits.

“I am probably the worst shopper in the world and the worst dresser in the world,” Ballard said. “I give all the credit for picking outfits to my wife.”

Ballard doesn’t even know his clothing size any more.

The only clothing rule he has is to not wear shorts because he doesn’t like the way his legs look.

Next week, I will examine some of the best-dressed women of Selma.

Feel free to email me suggestions.

Laura Fenton is the education and general assignment reporter for the Times-Journal. She can be reached at 410-1744 or at