Preparing plans for hurricanes

Published 6:34 pm Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Storm tracking experts out of Colorado State University and those professional weather watchers for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have predicted an active hurricane season for the Atlantic.

Memories of Hurricane Ivan as it raked through Dallas County in 2004 remain fresh. Thousands were without power. Many suffered property damage.

Because our science is good at predictions, there’s no reason for us to ignore preparation. Sure, Selma and Dallas County are nearly 300 miles from the Alabama Gulf Coast, yet the possibility remains for a storm to come blowing up in the region.

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Rhonda Abbott, interim director of the Dallas County Emergency Management Agency, makes her point very clear about preparation. She has offered these guidelines:

Get a disaster preparedness kit of emergency supplies,

Make a plan for what you will do in an emergency,

Be informed about what might happen,

Get a NOAA Weather Radio to ensure you get the latest weather updates,

Go ahead and schedule your routine annual maintenance on generators,

Don’t forget to plan for any special needs you may have which could be disturbed by lack of utilities should a storm approach and

Plan for your pets.