Library’s fun events bring children

Published 10:17 pm Wednesday, June 2, 2010

“Fabulous Fun.”

That was how Selma-Dallas County Library Director Becky Nichols described the arts in crafts open house that began the library’s Summer of Stars summer reading program Wednesday.

“It’s been a tremendous kick-off for our eight-week program,” said Nichols. “We have had several groups already bring children in. We have had about 125 kids in our first 30 minutes.”

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This is just the first of 36 events the library has planned for the summer.

Nichols hopes the events will encourage children to come to the library, be introduced to books and have some fun in the process.

“What we want to come out of this is for kids to come here to have fun and then go upstairs and check out the books,” said Nichols.

Children were able to come into the library to make or decorate objects such as sunglasses, sun visors, bumper stickers, wands and necklaces.

Church groups and children from the YMCA were able to come in and have a good time.

“Coming to the library is one of our activities that we will be doing every week,” said Sonya Ross, program director for the YMCA. “The kids are always excited about coming to the library. They are all crying because we have to go.”

Others, like Devin Caldwell, came with a parent.

“I got off work to bring (Devin) up here,” said Rosalind Lee. “That is how important that reading is to our family. We have been coming since he was a baby; he’s 6 now.”

Caldwell said he enjoyed the time that he got to spend making different crafts, but also the time he was able to spend at the library.

“I really like to come to the library,” said Caldwell. “I get like five books every time that I come.”