Congrats to primary winners

Published 12:16 am Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Times-Journal would like to congratulate all winners from the Democratic and Republican primaries.

As campaigns continue for run-off elections in July, we encourage all candidates and supporters to continue to hold clean, fair campaigns.

Voter turnout was reported low across the state Tuesday. In the run-off and November elections, we encourage all voters to return to the polls.

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If you are not registered, we also encourage registering before November. Even though your voice might not have been heard in this primary, it is still needed come November.

If your chosen candidate was not selected to move on from the primary, it is still important to support the candidate that won.

Some selected candidates will take new positions come November. As with anyone with a new position, it takes time to become fully fluent with the responsibilities of the job. If you have input for them to make their transition smoother, send them your input to campaign offices.

Good luck to all candidates in the run-off election in July. Good luck to all candidates in the November elections.