Moment of silence will be observed Monday

Published 7:43 pm Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monday, the nation will be taking a minute out of its day to remember the American soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for their country.

This observance has been going on since the first official Memorial Day on May 30, 1868.

It has been on the last Monday in May since 1971.

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This Monday, from 3 to 3:01 p.m., everyone is asked to stop for a minute and take a minute of silence out of respect for 131 Dallas County veterans who died fighting for America in five wars.

At 2:59, the Selma Fire Department, Police Department, and the Dallas County Sheriffs Department will turn on their sirens alert residents of Dallas County that the Moment of Remembrance is about to begin.

Mayor George Evans said that there would be a ceremony at City Hall beginning around 2:45 p.m.

At the close of the Moment of Remembrance, “Taps” will be played at City Hall and the various departments will again sound their sirens to let citizens know that the Moment of Remembrance is over.

At 9 a.m. there will be a flag raising in the New Live Oak Cemetery hosted by members of American Legion Post 20.

At 11 a.m. at Memorial Stadium, the names of deceased soldiers from Dallas County will be read war by war by the members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The names of those soliders are as follows: World War I: Benjamin M. Boggs, Joseph F. Brunson, Aubrey Easkens (ENSL), J. Wiley Fancher, Goldsby K. Gill, Cecil E. Green, George W. Huston, John P. Jones, John H. King, John T. Melvin, Samuel G. Rain, Ray P. Saffold, Samuel T. Seay, James F. Tennimon, Eugene R. Vaughn, Archie Y. Watts, Alston K. Wilson, Edwin M. Wood, John Blackmon, S.J. Boner, George Cade, Paul Campbell, Jordan Douglass, John Edwards, Rich Evans, Jege Pegin, Richard Gilchrist, Willie Hall, Earnest Harrison, Ben Hatcher, Thurston Heath, John W. Higginbotham, Wallace Johnson, William H. Lee, William C. Marion, Josh McGrue, Sol Miller, Walter Murray, Frank Pernell, Robert Smith, Henry Somerville, William C. Trippe, Theo Williams

World War II: Edmund P. Ambrose, William David Aronald, Fred Atchison, Buena P. Avant, James O. Avant, Roosevelt Battle, Maurice I. Bloch Jr., James W.T. Buntyn, Irving E. Campbell Jr., James M. Christian, Robert S. Dailey, Lewis S. Dantzler, S.D. Derryberry Jr., Robin A. Dill, William Burns Dorman, Ned Driggers Kitty S. Driskell, Robert W. Dunaway, Clifford E. Fain, James A. Franklin, John Worth Gamel, Otis L. Garner, Richard A. Gay, William H. Hall, Thomas F. Helms, Thomas E. Henry, Eugene J. Hill Jr., Hail Hill, Walter R. Huffman, Charles E. Hughes, Wilbert M. Hughes, Lawrence E. Johnson, Sam F. Jones, Robert C. key, William T. Kyser, Frank Lewis, Isaac G. Little, Elbert O. Martin Jr., William A. Martin, Harry D. Mason, William M. Massey, Trevelyn L. McClure, Marion M. McCully, John T. Melvin, Harry H. Mitchell, John L. Moffet, John E. Pilgreen, Robert W. Piper, Robert J. Poe Jr., Thomas J. Ratliff, Ernest B. Rockwell, Leon T. Rose, Amos Selman, John E. Seymore, James R. Short, Emile E. Siegel Jr., Fred M. Slater, Roosevelt Smiley, Monte M. Small, Marion A. Smith, William W. Smith, Frank W. Stevens, James O. Strickland, Wylie W. Sullivan, Leonard W. Thornhill, Charles H. Turner, William R. Walker, Walter E. Weeden, Jr., Edwin S. Williams, Carl D. Williamson, Martin L. Wing, Charles Dewey Arnold, Robert Shellie Cooper Jr., Orsby Kenney Harrell, Bob Jones, Edward Wright Mullen, Jr., Albert Newton Pugh, Clifford Hayes Radford, Frank Hoyt Smith

Korea: Willie Craig, Augustu Cunningham, George L. Jacobs, Reveren McMillian, Grady P. Mitchell Jr.

Vietnam: Frederick Douglas Barge, Carl Lee Brown, Brent Phillip Cleveland, Carl James Fox, Freddie Lee Johnson, James Mooney, Bobby Riddle, Ronnie Sharpe, Joseph E. Wilkinson III, James Henry Marshall, Townsen Steele

Afghanistan: Ricky D. Jones