Harris Huffman should get another term in office

Published 12:56 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

Editor’s note: This continues The Selma Times-Journal’s endorsements of candidates in the June 1 primary elections.

You don’t mess with success.

That’s a golden rule of business and, in this case, the primary election for sheriff of Dallas County.

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Harris Huffman has proven himself time and time again — a reason people continue to place him in office. He has earned the confidence of the electorate. He is a no-nonsense kind of lawman, which is exactly what Dallas County needs.

Huffman stands head and shoulders above most who would lead law enforcement. He is honest, dependable and forthright.

Huffman also has surrounded himself with good people — take a look at the corps of investigators he has in his office. Deputies are always patrolling the roads. The people of the county are safe.

Additionally, Huffman has instituted technology in his office. For example, Project Lifesaver is a part of the sheriff’s arsenal. The program allows a person with Alzheimers to wear a wristband that emits a signal authorities can tap into if the person is lost. The project in Dallas County has saved more than one life, allowing deputies to find those who have wandered off.

As much as he is the lawman, Huffman also is a good citizen. Many times people have found him after hours or on Saturdays, tending the lawns of elderly people across the county because they could not afford the care or are too infirmed to do the tasks.

Because Huffman operates his office so successfully; because he cares about the people under his care, The Selma Times-Journal endorses Harris Huffman in the June 1 primary.