Melton is the face of the new generation of leadership

Published 9:54 am Thursday, May 27, 2010

Editor’s note: Today continues our endorsement for the upcoming June 1 primary elections.

When a member of the younger generation is ready to lead, it is time to allow them, if qualified, to step into the area.

Darrio Melton is one of the new generation of potential leaders for this area. He’s seeking election to the House of Representatives District 67 in the June 1 primary.

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In spite of his youth — 31 years old — Melton has amassed plenty of political knowledge from working for Congressman Artur Davis of the 7th District of Alabama for the last five years.

Having worked in that home office in the Black Belt here in Selma, Melton is fully aware of the issues that face the people working and living in Dallas County.

He knows jobs are essential here, but also realizes an uneducated work force is simply no draw to those who would locate businesses here. A well-trained workforce is one of the reasons Melton seeks to work hard for better schools and for seamless education — making use of local colleges and seeing they are strengthened when possible.

Melton is not naive. He realizes he is one of 107 individuals that make up the House body. However, he’s is not intimidated by the potential freshman status he’ll have if elected to the Legislature.

His vigor, his experience, his vision all are reasons why The Selma Times-Journal endorses Derrio Melton for the District 67 House seat in the June 1 primary elections.