Students excited for time off

Published 9:54 pm Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keyshawn Patterson, kindergarten student at Cedar Park Elementary, is going to build a sand castle for the first time this summer.

“I’ll use buckets and water,” Keyshawn said.

Students, like Keyshawn, are ready and excited for summer vacation, which begins today for Selma City students. Dallas County students dismissed for vacation Tuesday.

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Kindergartener Quenton Marshall is also planning to visit the beach. He is most excited about playing in the sand.

“I like to build sand castles,” Quenton said.

Kindergartner Raven Brown is excited to visit Montgomery with her family.

“We’re going for fun,” Raven said.

Teachers, such as Cedar Park Elementary first grade teacher Krystal Dozier, will use the summer for vacationing and preparation time for the upcoming school year.

“For the summer, my plans are to do some professional development in art and technology to incorporate both of those into the classroom and just try to brainstorm the ways to challenge the children that will be coming from kindergarten to first grade next year,” Dozier said.

She is ready to spend the summer clearing her mind.

“The summer, to me, is a time to cleanse your mind, to travel, and to relax and get ready for the next group of children because every year your children are different,” Dozier said.