Athletes not as dumb as reputation

Published 8:42 pm Saturday, May 22, 2010

Over the past couple of weeks, reading about the graduations taking place around Dallas County, it occured to me that athletes are not only among the most popular students at their schools, but some are pretty smart, too.

We’ve all heard of — and maybe even known — the “dumb jock.” But there are just as many athletes who excel in the classroom. We just don’t notice them.

Case in point is Laura Talton of Morgan Academy and Justin Friene of Meadowview Christian.

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Talton recently referred to herself as a “classic nerd” to a Selma Times-Journal reporter. She was also part of the Senators’ tennis team that finished second in the state.

Friene had his achievements listed at Meadowview’s graduation and his athletic achievements, lengthy as they were, were not longer than his academic ones.

I also talked to Selma High School quarterback Darion Alexander this week. He spoke quite intelligently about the game of football and his role as a leader.

Sure, there are those who only know how to throw a pass or make a jump shot, but they are outnumbered.

Need more proof? Dallas County High school graduate and Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson.

That one should speak for itself.

Brian Tynes is the sports editor of the Selma Times-Journal. He can be contacted at