Zaxby’s has new management

Published 10:21 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010

After closing its doors more than a year ago, Zaxby’s is re-opening under new management. General Manager Lynette Blevins is running the restaurant in a strict, but fun-loving manner.

“I don’t allow any profanity in here and I have my Bible in the office,” Blevins said.

The restaurant is now a corporate chain, rather than the franchise it was previously, which means that the company must follow all the rules set by the corporate management. Employees will also have the opportunity to move up within the store and within the corporation.

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The previous store suffered financial troubles, but Blevins said that all bills will now be paid on time.

“It’s going to boost our retail again and give our citizens another option of where to eat when they go out,” said Mayor George Evans. “It’s good to have the lights back on.”

Brittney Crawford, a student at Selma University, will work at Zaxby’s for the summer.

“I’m excited it’s re-opening, before it closed, I used to eat here a lot,” Crawford said.