Volkert changes its name

Published 10:20 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010

Volkert & Associates, Inc., the company in charge the construction of the new Selma High School, will now be known as Volkert Construction Services.

The change is only for legal purposes to adhere to the state licensing board requirement that any company doing program management in Alabama must have a construction license.

The company does have a construction license that is under the main company, Volkert Construction Services, and so Volkert & Associates, Inc. will replace their name with the construction company name in the contract.

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“The exact same people will be working,” said Ray Mathiews, coordinator of auxiliary services. “All the rates are the same. There will be no changes whatsoever.”

School board attorney Katy Campbell also compared the contracts.

“I reviewed both of them, and it’s just a technicality,” Campbell said. “Rather than next year the state coming back and saying that we don’t have the contract signed with the right company, we would like the board, at the next board meeting, authorize the signing of the new contact.”

The next school board meeting will be May 19 at Sophia P. Kingston Elementary at 6 p.m.