Deavor to retire

Published 10:28 pm Thursday, May 13, 2010

For 38 years, he has been a part of Selma, even from birth.

On May 27, Dr. William Deavor will see his walk through his office door for the final time.

After years in the medical field, Deavor will begin his retirement in two weeks.

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“It’s always what I wanted to do,” said Deavor of his career as an Ob/Gyn. “Happy couples having babies is very rewarding. It’s nice to be able to do something and feel that you have helped the patient.”

Deavor started on his life plan.

After graduating with a pre-medical degree in 1966, Deavor spent the next eight years interning and working in the Navy.

After his service was up, Deavor went back to school for Ob/Gyn training before coming to Selma.

Over his years in the medical industry, Deavor has seen a major change in the Ob/Gyn.

“When I started my residency in 1970, if you went to an Ob/Gyn meeting, 95 percent of the people in that room would be men,” said Deavor. “I went to a medical meeting two weeks ago and women out numbered the men. Three years ago was the first time that residence in an Ob/Gyn program the women outnumbered the men.”

According to Deavor, the memories of what has been his life’s work will be numerous, but there is some in particular that remain with him.

“I remember, in about 1976, I came home from a vacation,” Deavor recalled. “When I got home one of my neighbors knocked on my door and said ‘This is for you’, and handed me a box from Walter Craig (one of the local sporting good stores at the time) and it was a brand new hunting rifle that was a gift from an infertility patient. She no longer wanted to live in Selma and was passing through and wanted to say thank you for helping her.”

Deavor said that he has loved his time here in Selma.

“I couldn’t have been happier here,” said Deavor. “Selma is a great place to not only work, but raise your children. I was able to do my work, but also see my children grow up.”

As for his plans for the future, Deavor has that mapped out too.

“When people ask I tell them that I will be golfing in the morning and fishing in the afternoon,” said Deavor. “I have grandkids all over that I will be seeing, too.”