Career Day enlightens, entertains

Published 8:47 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tariq Mangram wants to be an ambulance when he grows up.

Actually, take that back.

He’d rather be a racecar driver, lapping on the track in a yellow and black car with No. 10 painted across the hood.

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He wants to drive for a profession “because I love to race,” Tariq, a pre-K student, said.

Students like Tariq watched and listened to more than 20 representatives from varying professions at Sophia P. Kingston Elementary School’s career day.

Pre-K student Justin Regulus wants to be a police officer.

“I like police,” Justin said. “They help people. I like helping people.”

Classmate Ke’Shunti Green wants to be an artist when she grows up.

“I want to draw pictures,” Ke’Shunti said.

She wants to create elaborate drawing of dogs, cats or dinosaurs with markers, her favorite medium.

Her favorite station of the day was visiting Dr. Bruce Taylor, a Selma physician. After showing the children about heartbeats and stethoscopes, he let the children talk.

“He asked us what we wanted to be,” Ke’Shunti said.

Students in Pre-K want to be doctors, police officers, scientists, nurses, firefighters, dentists, lawyers, artists, teachers and truck drivers.

For the older children, such as third-grade student Brittany Nelson, career day provided a larger scope of the professions she may want to pursue.

“I really wanted to be a teacher, but after seeing everything about career day, I’ve been thinking a lawyer and caterer, and I’ve been thinking about going to Honda Lock [America],” Brittany said.

She isn’t planning to figure out a specific profession until college.

“I’m going to try to think about what I really want to be,” Brittany said. “When I get in college, I’ll really make my decision.”

She has high aspirations thanks to her brother.

“My brother inspired me because he has a passion for engineering because he knows how to fix cars,” Brittany said. “He’s going to college for engineers. I’m trying to be like him.”

Sophia P. Kingston holds career days every few years.