Scholarships awarded

Published 10:04 pm Monday, May 10, 2010

In the recognition of the 13th national championship for the Alabama football team, it only makes sense that the Dallas and Wilcox counties Bama Club award 13 scholarships.

The unintentional irony brought laughter to the crowd of the annual spring banquet, an event to award scholarships to students attending the The University of Alabama this fall.

Scholarship recipients will receive $1,000 to be credited to their Alabama tuition.

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Guest speakers assistant strength and conditioning coach Freddie Roach and former Alabama fullback Baron Huber visited from Tuscaloosa for the event.

Both spoke on the experiences of being on the team this past season.

“I’m a small piece of the puzzle,” Roach said. “These guys, they put in all the work.”

He compared watching the players develop these past few years to watching a child move from crawling to walking and then running.

Huber enjoys speaking about his Alabama experiences and answering questions from the audience.

“I can go up there and talk all day about what I want to talk about, but I want to know what they want to know,” Huber said. “I enjoy taking questions and hearing what people ask.”

Huber graduated in December with a degree in science and now owns a medical distribution company based in Tuscaloosa.

Recipients this year are Sterling Etheredge of Morgan Academy, Elizabeth Manderson from Morgan Academy, Heather Thomas from Morgan Academy, Emily Chandler from Morgan Academy, Katie Davis from Dallas County High School, Brittany Pearson from Morgan Academy, Katie Jackson from Morgan Academy, Landon Lee Nichols from Meadowview Christian, Brandon Montgomery from Selma High School, Heath Brantley from Morgan Academy, Cody Wheat from Morgan Academy, Earl Bender from Southside High School and Julius Brown from Southside High School.