Battle of Selma is in town

Published 8:47 pm Thursday, April 22, 2010

The battle is on.

About 1,000 school children are learning about life in the 19th century from the re-enactors and vendors down on the battleground at Riverside Park. They will have the opportunity to see period dress and hear period music as well.

Yes, the Civil War was about slavery and bringing an end to an awful period in our history.

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Yet, the war also brought about many different ideas — forerunners to the submarines, repeating rifles. At one point during the war, balloons were used to spy on troops. The advancement of weaponry changed battle tactics forever.

The draft was used in the North, bringing with it protests and riots from those who did not want to fight in the war — something this nation would have to face nearly 100 years later.

Here in Selma, we learn about the impact of the industrial age by seeing the results of the foundries and the Naval Yard. These are other lessons of history our children need to know.

The Battle of Selma is a part of all our history. To keep our children from it or for adults to ignore it is a travesty; just as to not know of the trouble of the area a century later is to keep us in darkness.

The battle is on.

We welcome our visitors from other places. We hope our people here at home will also take part in this way of actively learning.