Special interests are a matter of perspective

Published 8:38 pm Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Alabama New South Coalition has endorsed Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Ron Sparks in the upcoming Democratic primary.

Sparks has called the endorsement “a game-changing moment.”

Apparently, the present commissioner of agriculture is of the same view as the leaders of the coalition: paternalistic view of black voters.

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For years the coalition has invited candidates to parade before them, present their so-called platforms in a pitch and wait for the endorsement.

It is the old politics of paternalism — the same type of plantation politics that has kept the poor and people of color — from voting in their best interests. Instead, many of the electorate in this demographic depend on the printed, marked sample ballots, telling them how to vote.

It is interesting in his response to the endorsement, Sparks takes a swat at his opponent, saying he “turns his back on the interests of regular folks to side with the special interests.”

Just what does Sparks think he’s doing by fawning all over the coalition for this endorsement?