Mayor needs help putting people to work

Published 3:57 pm Saturday, April 10, 2010

SELMA — It’s about that time again for the city to put youth to work, and officials need the help of local businesses.

Mayor George Evans has sent out about 350 letters asking local business owners to contribute to the city’s Summer Youth Employment Program.

It costs $750 to put a child to work for 16 hours a week for six weeks at $7.25 per hour in city departments, schools and other businesses.

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“Through this program we want our youth to gain some sense of responsibility,” Evans said.

Last year the program was a good one with a good group of workers, the mayor said.

So far this year, the city has about $34,000 to put children to work. At $750 per youth, that’s about 45 children who will see jobs, said Val Jones, director of the city’s personnel department.

The city also will take partial donations from local businesses, she said, putting together the pieces to put a youth to work.

The program will begin June 1 and end July 9.

Youths will apply for jobs. Their names will be placed in a bin and will be drawn by city officials at a date yet to be announced.