Selma pastor becomes bishop

Published 10:07 pm Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday at Potter’s Place and Town Creek Ministries Church, seven bishops from around the world in the non-denominational Church of Christ will come to ordain Pastor Patrick Bonner into a bishop.

Retired Bishop William Ozier from the 3rd District State of Michigan will be the presiding bishop in the ceremony.

“I am humbled that he came to me and I gave him a simple exam and he passed with flying colors,” said Ozier.

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Bonner has served as a pastor for 11 years in the Dallas County area before now making this choice to become a bishop.

“God placed this on me at a point,” said Bonner. “He started showing me other people that was in my heart and I wanted to take on this and see the progress of the church.”

Bonner has helped lead the Sardis Churches Unity Fellowship since he has been here that started in Tyler. and said that he hopes that his new role will help grow God’s ministry.

“I am very excited because I have seen all this movement in my short time of being a pastor,” said Bonner. “It’s awesome for the body of Christ to be connected.”

As a bishop in the church Bonner will have the chance to begin planting other churches in the area of the Black Belt community and will lead them from his position.

The ceremony that will take place Sunday is one that, according to Ozier, is more than 3500 – years old is one that is filled with symbolism that resembles Catholic ordination ceremonies.

Saturday evening the church will come together for the Feast of the Lamb celebration that is much like the Jewish Passover celebration.

Sunday will be the ceremony in which the 7 preceding bishops will come together and, with Bishop Ozier, consecrate Pastor Bonner to the role of bishop and give him the bishop’s robes, bible and jewelry.