Candidates share goals

Published 8:28 pm Thursday, April 8, 2010

The goals are clear. Candidates can agree on that.

Three of the five candidates for the seventh congressional district of Alabama want to create jobs, continue to reform health care, improve the educational system and work for reforms that are in the best interest of constituents.

“You all are the board of directors,” said candidate Martha Bozeman. “We are asking you to hire us and want us to represent you. You are our boss, and this is about this district and the people.”

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Candidates Martha Bozeman, Terri Sewell, and Earl Hilliard Jr. spoke at a candidate breakfast forum Thursday.

Improving the socioeconomic status of Selma is another common goal of the candidates.

According to Sewell, one of the most influential methods to improve Selma starts with the educational system.

“I believe that education is the best economic development plan that we can have,” Sewell said.

Education leads people into the workforce, according to Sewell. “When you help a person and uplift them with a job, you also get them out of poverty and get them to work,” she said.

As candidates continue to campaign, they pledge to keep to their roots with constituents and the communities.

“It is incumbent upon us to lead our lives right and that we keep the bottom line, which is the community and the people, in our interest,” Hilliard said.

Additional seventh district congressional candidates Shelia Smoot and Eddison Walters did not participate in the forum. Smoot experienced bad weather during her travels and Walters cancelled at the last minute to due a conflict.

Congressional democratic primary elections will be June 1.