Valley Grande expands water

Published 9:33 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2010

VALLEY GRANDE — More than 30 residents of Valley Grande will now have access to running water where it was not available before.

Thanks to a Delta Regional Authority grant that was received by the City of Valley Grande and North Dallas County Water, some residents of Deep Woods Road and County Road 269 will now have access to treated water instead of well water.

“They had more need than they had access to grants,” said Valley Grande Mayor Tom Lee. “So they asked if we would partner with them and us submit a grant for areas that were currently underserved or not served at all.”

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With the assistance of North Dallas County, Valley Grande was able submit its first entry into partnership for public service grants according to Lee.

The partnership also helps North Dallas County Water.

“They can only get certain kinds of grants as a water authority,” said Lee. “The city of Valley Grande has the option to apply for those grants.”

“We use the cities as a vehicle to get the grants,” said Hart Sims, general manager for North Dallas Water.

“We actively try to serve everybody that is not served in the county and these grants are a way to do that. I am just glad we can get water to the people who don’t have water.”