Selma residents come out for spring cleanup

Published 11:18 pm Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is in the air and local people took advantage.

Many residents were out in their yards picking raking leaves or cutting grass or just having a good time.

“This is probably my only chance to be in the sun this whole weekend,” said Manera Searcy of 428 Lapsley Street. “I might as well try to work while I’m in the sun.”

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Saturday was Selma clean-up day, proclaimed by mayor George Evans.

Evans said he wants to have a citywide clean-up with free city garbage services at least three times a year.

Searcy said she had been out in her yard since 9 a.m. doing work that had accumulated over the winter in preparation for spring.

Dr. Wylie Newton on 507 Furniss Avenue was out working in his yard as well.

“We have had such a long winter with the rain and cold,” said Newton. “It’s just good to be outside and get some fresh air.”

Winter seemed a long way away Saturday as the sun came out, and with it, brought the warm weather that allowed for the townspeople to enjoy the outdoors.

“These leaves fell down like crazy the other day,” said Bob Kelly on 319 Lapsley Street, with a rake in his hand. “So we decided we were going to do them on a pretty day, and we saw the flowers were out. So I didn’t know why we weren’t out with them.”

For the Kellys it took teamwork to get the work done.

“I am doing the raking and my wife (Barbara Kelly) is doing the flower bed,” said Kelly. “I think I have the harder job.”

Kelly said he enjoys doing the work himself.

“A couple of guys asked if they could help, but I said no. It’s a pride of ownership thing.”